For Immediate Release

Built on the best-in-class platform, KotoHomes is a plug-and-play Real Estate portal that powerfully connects local property search and relevant editorial content to local media publishers.

July 30, 2020, New York, NY – Visionary Foundry has expanded its Enclosure real estate platform line-up to include a light version branded as KotoHomes. The new, plug-and-play portal for local media publishers, is designed to help build and engage local audiences through listings, news, information, and entertainment. To support local media organizations, the KotoHomes team implements, drives audiences, and monetizes on behalf of the partnership.

“We understand that this a difficult time for our media partners, and wholeheartedly believe in the importance of local news, information, and audience. This inspired us to innovate our product offerings and our business model,” said Steve Lavine, Chief Executive Officer of Visionary Foundry. “We want to do our part by offering a turn-key real estate solution that enables our customers to gain benefit with much less risk and effort.”

With a standard implementation across all partners, KotoHomes employs best practices for lead conversion, monetization, and SEO; engaging and building local audiences and providing a comprehensive, hyper-local experience. Each media partner is responsible for prominent navigation and delivering audience traffic to the implementation, but otherwise has no other responsibilities for implementation or sales. Both parties share the resulting revenue.

The real estate flagship product, implemented across many leading newspapers, continues with ongoing fast-paced developments. KotoHomes, the light version of, is designed for publishers looking for a beautiful, compelling offering with minimal investment and effort. KotoHomes is the first of several new projects in the real estate space for Visionary Foundry.


About Visionary Foundry:

Visionary Foundry develops vibrant technology companies, bringing together some of the world’s best development and business talent to tackle and solve significant problems across various industries. Visionary Foundry currently comprises four companies: Transparensee, a developer and innovator in search technology; Enclosure, which powers cutting edge real estate portals with custom busines models; Pointslocal, which provides a fully featured events platform to publishers; and KotoHomes, a plug-and-play, hyperlocal real estate portal.