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Upgraded events platforms by PointsLocal showcase relevant genres that better serve Cox radio audiences and grow engagement

July 10, 2019, New York, NY Pointslocal today announced the successful launch of its Events platform for 52 Cox Media Group (CMG) radio stations across 10 cities and regions including Atlanta and Athens, GA;  Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, FL; and Long Island, San Antonio, Houston, and Tulsa.

Steve Lavine, Chief Executive Officer of Pointslocal said, “Cox Radio is an integral part of their communities, and we’ve been impressed with their local knowledge and community involvement.  They are truly customer driven, and collaborative in every way.”

The Pointslocal events platform drives audience engagement by enabling each location to share data and enables category filtering for each radio station.  Each radio station’s implementation reflects the station’s genre, so that country music stations emphasize country music events while rock stations emphasize rock music events.

Pointslocal provides a robust set of events that are continually updated and can be augmented by customer staff and user submissions.  PointsLocal’s cloud-based and mobile-friendly interface helps consumers whenever and wherever they are looking for relevant event information.

For media companies, the PointsLocal platform provides extensive admin controls and delivers best of breed search optimization through the Transparensee Discovery Search Engine.  This proprietary technology presents exact and close matches to user searches, thus driving additional traffic to events that target user interests and exponentially increasing engagement.  Also unique to the platform is extensive natural language processing and tagging are also used to correctly sort, match and find events, and to eliminate duplicates.

About Pointslocal:
Pointslocal is a true digital-first events platform which allows customers to manage original, user-generated, staff-created and aggregated events in one place for all channels.  Founded in 2009, Pointslocal provides the events and venue data through scraping and imports, and enhances the user experience through geocoding, auto-tagging, exact and close searching, best in class SEO, reverse publishing and self-service e-commerce.  Pointslocal is used by a growing group of progressive publishers across the nation, who appreciate the direct control of listings, access to comprehensive data, and live updates.  For more information visit:

About Cox Media Group
Cox Media Group (CMG) is an integrated broadcasting, publishing, direct marketing and digital media company. The company’s operations include broadcast television stations, radio stations, daily newspapers, and non-daily publications. Additionally, Cox Media Group operates the National Advertising Platform businesses of CoxReps, Gamut and Videa; and offers a full suite of local and regional advertising services through its Local Solutions and Ideabar businesses. For more information about Cox Media Group, please visit

About is a Real Estate solution that provides lightning fast, visual-mapping and data-rich search, and a mobile responsive experience that consumers love while delivering to publishers — and the agents, brokers, property managers and builders they serve —  increases in traffic, engagement, and tools to support custom business models and content integration.  Enclosure is now used by a growing group of progressive publishers across the nation and continues to evolve and expand based on real-time data analytics, feedback, and partnerships.